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For today's connected consumer or business, a Google search or an Amazon user review is just a tap or a click away, and digital channels like these play an ever-increasing role in purchasing decisions. What is the best way for brands to drive web traffic and, ultimately, sales in this new digital landscape?

The traditional answer was SEO (search engine optimisation), which is the art and science of getting your website ranking high enough to be noticed in web searches. In the past couple of years, though, social media marketing, which means engaging with customers on sites like Facebook and Twitter, has grown in importance. Social media interaction done right has the power not only to drive traffic to a website, but also to change the public perception of a brand and to win fans who will recommend a product to their friends.

We offer highly professional and best package for this service. Our package includes :

  • Google+ Page Creation

  • Google Adwords (Google Adwords Cost Extra)

  • List your website in "Google My Business"

  • Keyword Suggestions

  • Submission of your website to main Search Engines

  • Listing of your website to Google Webmaster Central Tools

  • Linking of your website to Google Analytics

  • Facebook Account Opening and creation of facebook page

  • LinkedIn Account

  • Twitter Account

  • SEO Meta Tags and Keywords insertion in your website

  • Google Verification Code

  • Robots and Sitemap file creation and uploading in your website

  • SMS Marketing

All the above work - Just for ` 3,000.00 Only. Promotional offer, Valid upto 31/08/2015

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